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About us

For more than 20 years, DOCERAM Medical Ceramics GmbH has engaged in the development and manufacture of zirconium oxide components for dental technology. The Nacera® brand and Nacera® Pearl series of the same name offer dental technicians a zirconium oxide material combining high bending strength and optimum aesthetics.

Milling centres and dental laboratories around the world are convinced. To enable the zircon machining process to be completed in the laboratory, we supply high-quality Nacera® process optimisation products and other accessories for finalising full monolithic restorations.

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DOCERAM Medical Ceramics GmbH – company foundation

DOCERAM Medical Ceramics GmbH is a subsidiary of MOESCHTER Group GmbH. Headquartered in Dortmund, the group of companies was founded by the Möschter family in 1992 and is engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-performance materials.

In addition to DOCERAM Medical, the group of companies includes a further three independent business units: DOTHERM, ISOCOS and DOCERAM. DOCERAM Medical was founded as a spin-off of DOCERAM GmbH, which has specialised in the many possibilities for industrial ceramic applications for more than two decades. The highly challenging area of dental and medical ceramic products has been managed as a separate business since 2005 and specialises in the specific technical requirements for the approval of medical technology applications. As a result, DOCERAM Medical Ceramics is an independent specialist provider of high-quality bio-compatible zirconium oxide components.

About the MOESCHTER Group

As a dental ceramics specialist, Nacera® not only offers unique product quality, but also critical added value: quality assurance that is one hundred percent reliable.

Our customers know what to expect: premium-quality ceramics and top-class service so that they can meet the most demanding quality requirements themselves. We give them the certainty of knowing that every piece of Nacera® ceramic that our engineers manufacture represents the strongest, purest and most natural-looking material. This is based on a team of highly qualified experts, whose expertise and technical know-how guarantee the quality of our solutions. To manufacture our Nacera® products, we use high-quality and pure zirconium oxide that meets the toughest mechanical requirements and achieves the most natural, enamel-like translucency.

Based on our experience, we have put together a selection of Nacera® solutions that you too can use to optimise your work processes and manufacturing processes. Don’t settle for anything less than maximum quality assurance. Rely on Nacera®.

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The MOESCHTER Group values

The MOESCHTER Group values

Responsibility, appreciation, trust, team spirit and courage - we shape our future collectively based on these five values.

We have a responsibility to our customers, suppliers and employees, but not least also to our environment. While continuously promoting and expanding the social level, we are developing our own environmentally relevant concepts, for example, on the topic of ecological profit and researching sustainable materials.

The same applies to the topic of appreciation: Be they colleagues, customers or suppliers: We appreciate other cultures and treat them courteously and with respect in every setting and for every type of task.

Our cooperation is based on trust, which is why we allow every employee to make independent decisions in his/her sphere of responsibility and to play a proactive role in business processes.

As team players, we stand by one another and for one another with loyalty, we share relevant information and discuss problems openly and honestly. That is because our team spirit enables us to work together effectively and take sound decisions.

We have a vested interest in ensuring that we and our customers achieve objectives quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Curiosity and the courage to initiate change are the driving forces that enable us to break new ground, develop materials and products and optimise processes – delivering innovative solutions not only for our customers but also for us.